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Sanford Tree Service

Tree trimming and removal - Sanford, FL

Trees and shrubs add a beautiful natural barrier to sights and sounds and provide the same benefits that landscaping always brings: increased home value, healthier environment, wildlife support, and serene surroundings. Perhaps best of all, attractive landscaping and beautiful trees to create privacy gives both you and your neighbor something pleasant to look at.

Landscaping and trimming trees in Sanford, Florida for privacy may be done any number of ways or combination of ways. A variety of trees and shrubs are evergreen and therefore will provide the same amount of coverage all year long. Size and speed of growth are especially relevant for privacy plantings as well as whether plants will be in tiered rows, raised beds, boxes, containers, grown on a trellis or lattice, or simply planted in the ground.

Hurricane prep of trees in Central Florida is one of our specialties! Elegant Earth LLC has you covered with our Sanford tree service so give us a call or text at (407) 431-4501.

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