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The best time of year to trim big oaks is wintertime when oak trees are dormant, before new spring growth begins.

The monetary value of a tree in a landscape design is based on factors such as hardiness, durability, adaptability, and attractiveness.

Japanese maples and dwarf conifers are considered among the most valuable, but all trees including these will also be appraised based on health and appearance.

Did you know that a mature oak tree is more valuable than a poplar because it is more difficult to replace? This is true even though poplars grow more quickly.

A tree in your landscape design is an investment in your property's future market value - maintain it just as you will maintain the rest of your property's assets.

The most important trees in your landscaping will include the ones that form a focal point, frame the house, or stand in a hedgerow.

Keep a record of your trees and other valuable plantings for insurance reasons. Take photos and save receipts and invoices regarding their purchase and care.

Aside from the energy savings that the addition of trees provides your property, trees also control erosion of the soil with their root systems underground.

Elegant Earth completed the palm tree trimming and cypress tree lifting project as instructed with branch by branch attention to detail and care to avoid any damage to nearby fence, roof, sprinkler heads and tender flowers. The principal, Jimmie was always professional, friendly and eager to have a satisfied customer. Jimmie has a passion for his chosen work and his expertise was helpful in deciding the scope of the project. His helpers promptly arrived and were always on task to complete the job. Highly recommend! - Ted S. in DeLand on HomeAdvisor

Why trust Elegant Earth with your tree work? Because we always put safety first. Because we climb with ropes not spikes - protecting your tree's health so that bugs, disease, or rot do not creep in through spike holes. Because we recommend oaks be trimmed during winter when they are dormant, ensuring the best growth. 

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